Friday, 4 October 2013

Recycling Of Plastic Using Pyrolysis Is Economical And Eco Friendly

Unused plastic and plastic wastes occupy a lot of space in a dumping ground. The only way to dispose of it is by recycling of plastic. The recycling process can be done in many ways. But the most recent pyrolysis technique is economical. The process is eco friendly and does not harm the surroundings.

The products available by recycling plastic include pyrolysis oil. This extract is also known as “bio oil or bio crude.” It is an alternate for petrol or diesel. The bio feed is degraded with the help of high temperature.
The pyrolysis oil got by using the pyrolysis technique is acidic. This liquid is used in place of other igniting elements. Pyrolysis oil is used to activate various equipments like power generating units and other boiling equipments.

The world is trying move towards an eco friendly life style. Waste plastic recycling equipment is in high demand. Many factories dealing in plastic components make use of these recycling tools to derive reusable plastic elements that can be used to produce recycled plastic goods.

Recycling of plastic is the only way of reducing the number of dumping grounds existing today and to decrease the climatic changes. The companies using the waste plastic recycling equipment will not only save expenses, it would be a step taken in the direction of green revolution.  

Among the variety of waste plastic recycling equipment available in the market, recycling of plastic with the use of pyrolysis causes least pollution. So, look around before you choose an appropriate one.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Pyrolysis Of Plastic - A New Opportunity For Equipment Manufacturers

The increasing heap in the dumping grounds has been an issue of concern all over the world. Burning the waste was polluting the surroundings. Research and setting up small units to degrade plastic using the pyrolysis method, succeeded in transforming “waste to energy'. This initial success of pyrolysis of plastic gave the machine makers an opportunity to be known as pyrolysis machine manufacturers.

There are many manufacturers who can deliver ready to use pyrolysis plant at your work place. In addition to the installation they would also guide you with its actual working.
The pyrolysis of plastic waste is a mechanized procedure to convert the large plastic elements to smaller versions. This conversion does not make use of any O2. The duration of the process varies between quarter and an hour and a half. The chemical action takes place at a temperature of three hundred and fifty to five hundred and fifty degrees centigrade.

The yield from the pyrolysis of plastic is of a better quality and is available at a lesser price. Moreover, the produce can be utilized as energy to produce warmth, vapor or power. 

The benefits of pyrolysis of plastic and plastic waste are:
  • Wax and oil extract is available is pure
  • The procedure does not pollute the surroundings,
  • No additional energy (fuel) is needed.
  • Maintenance of the pyrolyis plant is easy.
  • The investment is generally one time.

The pyrolysis is commercially used to recycle tyre and plastic waste. The process is also used to recycle paper and other degradable items.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Plastic Recycling Solutions Yield Good Quality Diesel

There are so many things that should be discarded, at home or at work. But, for various reasons these just accumulate. The most probable reason would be where and how the stuff should be disposed. The best way would be to separate the items and send them to a recycling unit. To dispose of plastic material, the stuff can be broken up using plastic recycling solutions or methods.

There are various methods to degrade plastic. The latest plastic waste solutions are the pyrolysis technique. Plastic is a hydro carb product. So, by separating both the elements one can get good quality “Diesel and Diesel Products”.

Research of the pyrolysis process has helped to set up recycling units to convert the plastic waste into many other products like PET bottles and containers diesel and many other items.

Many pyrolysis industries in the west have succeeded in their efforts of plastic recycling solutions. Pyrolysis in india has also tries to achieve best results. Besides using the pyrolysis know how for recycling tyres. Many units have made remarkable progress in the field of plastic waste solutions.

Apart from reducing the dumping sites; the plastic waste solutions have helped companies save some money.  If not better, the things made out of recycled plastic are as good as the items made out of pure plastic raw material. These products are a step towards the “Green Revolution”.

So, as long as each individual takes the responsibility of disposing plastic waste in a proper manner, one can enjoy using plastic bags.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Plastic Pyrolysis Transforms Plastic Waste To Reusable Petro Products

Though, the use of plastic bags and other low quality plastic utility products have been banned, one sees them everywhere. Plastic pyrolysis would be an ideal way to get rid of unwanted plastic.  This is a method of breaking up plastic without using O2.

This procedure helps to convert plastic scrap and discarded plastic material into sources of energy and other single molecule to make polymer compounds. The plastic material is incessantly processed in a pyrolysis plant and the gaseous emission is compressed and collected in exclusive containers. This extraction is a counterpart of the much needed petrol. In fact, this extract is better than the petrol available and is eco oriented.

Setting up a pyrolysis plant to alter plastic waste to improved green version petro products is a gift to mankind from science. 

The initial experimental small units have opened avenues for setting up a large industrial plastic pyrolysis plant. Since plastic waste is found all over the world, the scope for plastic pyrolysis industry is bright.

A wide range of products can be got from plastic pyrolysis. The products available are:

  • Lubricating gel.
  • Single chemical molecule to make other polymer products.
  • An acidic extract (terephthalic acid) used to make “PET” plastic items.
  • Methylmetacrylate” which is utilized for making synthetic fibre sheets.
  • The dark carbonous residue is used to make color stains and tyre.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Recycle the Plastic Scraps by Using the Concept Pyrolysis in India

With the increase in consumption of the plastic products, its dumping and decomposition is really a matter of prime concern for the industrialized country like India. The incineration and decomposition of the plastic scraps may prone to environmental pollution and can also increase human health problems. Therefore, instead of dumping in an open area, the plastic scraps can be recycled by using the concept called pyrolysis in India. There are many ways by which the plastic scraps can pollute the environment and can also put adverse effects on the health of living beings. Some synthetic plastic materials are made by using a chemical called acrylonitrile and if this seeps out from the plastic can mix with the groundwater and causes problem. Many synthetic plastic bags are non biodegradable and thus pile up in the surrounding areas for a longer time. Such plastic bags are more likely to be eaten up by animals that later causes then digestive problems.

In the pyrolysis plant, the whole of the plastic scraps and raw materials are incinerated at very high temperature in an airtight chamber to produce volatile components. After cooling, some of these volatile components convert into hydrocarbon fuel, which is so-called pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis oil has a very wide application. It is one of the best sources of renewable energy, which can be used for heating and steam production. Recycling of plastic scraps and raw materials in a pyrolysis plant can be useful for mankind as it produce dense hydrocarbon fuel and also keeps the environment free from pollution.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pyrolysis of Plastic Helps to Maintain Environment and Human Health

In the present generation, the uses of plastic products are continuously increasing and can be a major threat to the environment and human health. Plastic is widely used in manufacturing many products like packaging materials, clothing, toys, etc. The incineration and decomposition of plastic wastes can cause many problems to the environment and living beings. According to WHO (World Health Organization), burning of the plastic wastes can release harmful carcinogenic substances in the atmosphere, which can cause breathing problem and cancer in the living beings.

Dumping of the plastic wastes makes the area uninhabitable for the living beings. Therefore, many countries have found the legal and everlasting solution for the disposal of plastic wastes by using a concept called pyrolysis. Pyrolysis of plastic waste can certainly make the pollution free environment and also have no effect on human health. In pyrolysis plant, the plastic scraps and other raw materials are burnt at very high temperature to produce many volatile components including liquid and gaseous, which are really the useful byproducts for a mankind. The pyrolytic oil is one of the volatile byproducts that is produced at the end of the process and is useful in heating and steam production.

Plastic pyrolysis is one of the unique and the latest techniques that are used for recycling the plastic scraps. The whole of the plastic raw materials is incinerated in a closed airtight container and thus releases no harmful substance into the atmosphere. This technique is widely used in many industrialized countries to create a pollution free environment.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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In India Zorba’s Plastic Pyrolysis Plant is just the plant that is capable of recycling plastics into useful products like Commercial Black Carbon, Pyrolysis oil, and much more. This is done through a method known as plastic pyrolysis. Such methods and plants should be adopted throughout the world so that we can live healthy and our marine life can also breath an live healthy.